IMAGE OF DOGDoes it ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the days for you to accomplish all of the objectives that you have for your business?

This is a common problem shared among business owners, executives and other go-getters with big dreams. We all have long to-do lists, but turning those list into got-done lists can be a tough row to hoe, especially with all of the distractions we all face with emails, employees, family members and the like all trying to get our attention when we are trying to get our important work done.

If this is something that you are currently grappling with you may appreciate this new Wake Up Productive program that Internet marketing legend Eben Pagan has recently released. I know, if you are anything like me you have probably already read quite a bit on different tactics for improving your productivity but many successful entrepreneurs swear by this course in particular because the material is designed to help you understand the psychology of motivation and productivity and make lasting changes that will help you to at least double your productivity and become much more successful in many different areas of your life.

One of the important concepts taught in this program is something that I’ve been swearing by for years: getting up early and starting the day off right. While this is hinted at in the title, the specific methods that you will learn in this course regarding how you start your day are sure to be a real eye opener for you, no pun intended.

The fact is, if you sleep in and then slump down in front of your computer first thing when you wake up you are not setting yourself up to have a good, productive day and you will definitely not be accomplishing things a swell as you could be by starting off the day in an empowering way that sets you up to do focused work.

Another tip that I have discovered myself about starting the day off right is that you shouldn’t try to get yourself to do anything that you really hate doing first thing when you wake up, or anything that is really time consuming and unnecessary. You see I always used to want to make myself a big glass of green juice in the morning because I thought it would be a good idea to start off my day with all of those powerful nutrients. However in practice it took so long to make the juice and wash off the juicer that I really didn’t enjoy doing this first thing in the morning, and I was always hungry afterwards so I’d always end up eating a bunch of food right after my juice, and by the time that I was done with all of this I was always running behind schedule for the day. So eventually I realized that it just wasn’t worth it, and now I have my green juice in the evening after my days work is done and I have a chance to move at a slower pace and chill out a bit.

Do yourself a favor and start paying more attention to the way that you start your days, I think you will be surprised at how much more productive this will help you to become.